A bump that is not covered with leaves. Columbus Maternity Photography

Kelly and Houston. Pregnant.

Due in August. With baby Houston.

They are cute. And funny. You’ll see…

Houston the 3rd is in tow. I love that name. Houston.
Light Girl working her magical magic.

We walked like a mile to find this fountain.  Um, the fountain is no longer a fountain.  It’s a dried up grassy mess.  That makes for beautiful photos…And photographers who jump in the swampy mess to get the shot.  Well, because you don’t walk a mile for nuttin’.

I REALLY REALLY wanted to use this BUMP sign.  I just couldn’t reach it with the stick.  Eeeeeek. It was covered by a bunch of leaves.

You know you have SUPER cool clients if they hoist you up on their shoulders!

Um, are we silly or what..
Duh…turn around, fools.  There is a perfectly visible BUMP sign with NO leaves hiding it’s fabulous BUMP message on the opposite side of the street! DUH. Crazy photographer!

Oh well, makes for a funny story!
Only cool pregnant chicks lay in the middle of the street.  And ignore the traffic.
Hello light.
So little.
Um, Houston, your belly is just as big as your wifey’s.  HILARIOUS!  He did this more than once during our shoot.  Funny guy.  Your son is going to be laughing all the time.

Before every shoot, I try to look through photos to get some inspiration for my upcoming session.  Well I ran into this really cute photo of the momma-to-be with a coffee mug on her belly.  I thought, hmmm…I could find a cute mug.  Rummaging through our cabinets, I found these adorable ice cream cups my step momma gave me for Christmas about five years ago.  (She actually put together a basket full of goodies ice cream related…spoons, sprinkles, bowls, a scoop, chocolate chips, caramel, a dessert cookbook, an apron, those flavored morsels you’d never buy on your own…  A super cool gift.)

So, a fun couple and ice cream goodies = these FAN-TABULOUS photos…

This was all Houston’s idea. How creative!

Kelly, you are glowing. So pretty. A natural, momma glow. Love it.  Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.  Rock it out girl!

If you drive the same car as the JO FOTO mobile, well let’s just say it, YOU ARE FAN-TABULOUS! So let’s get our group shot with our jazzy Jeeps. MMmmmkkkk.

We took this first shot and Light Girl says, “Hey, I wanna do a handstand, let’s take it again!”  MMMMMmmmmmkkkkkk.
Take two.  Nice handstand Light Girl.  I bet that pavement felt REALLY soft on your pretty head.
Take three.  Light Girl is still laughing so hard she can’t get up.  We may need to work on your gymnastics skills, Light Girl.  Next shoot we’ll get it!

I’ll be seeing and meeting your little one soon. Can’t wait!

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  1. Sammi on July 8, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Cute kelly! and your right!.. baby Houston will always be laughing because of his dad 🙂

  2. light girl on July 8, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    lmbo…oh my gosh that is too funny! love the pics photog!

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