A (little) man and his Hot Rod. Columbus Baby Photography

Chanden.  One Year Big.

Crazy.  It’s really bittersweet for me to photograph the big ONE.  Bittersweet because typically I photograph these little people every 3 months starting when they are just a few days old.  You may remember when Chanden was a wee one, HERE.  And when he hit milestones HERE, HERE, and HERE.  And you may remember his Aunt’s beautiful wedding, HERE.  Chanden was THE cutest ring bearer.  EVER.

So…the first photograph you see below… well it’s Chanden trying to hold back the tears.  He’s so sad…he loves his Jo Foto fix every few months.  Thankfully, Mom told him he could come back for more when he turns 18 months.  So he cheered up and the rest of the session was all smiles and laughs.

And he even pulled up in his smooth ride!  

He’ll have no problem getting the ladies with this ride!  Made with love by grandma and grandpa.  I think they’ve outdone themselves with this one!
A very proud Mommy and Daddy.

Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to make such special memories for your family. It is such a huge honor. Big hugs!

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