A Pixie Pie for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has arrived.  And with it, our little girl.  Her first Valentine’s Day.  Of course I have to make it EXTRA sweet.  Y’all know I’m a holiday fanatic.  Now I have even more reason to go crazy over Hallmark holidays, red and pink dish towels and the cheap $3 wreaths. For my girl.  My momma always went crazy for any holiday and I will never forget all the memories that came with them.  I wanna do the same for my girl.  So here you have it.  A day to JUST love.
And wear red. And everything in the drawers that has hearts or resembles this holiday.

Jason. You are the best Valentine in the whole wide world.  And the best daddy.  And for that reason, we wanted to make your day special.  So Pix and I had our own little photo shoot.  Just with you in mind.  Here’s what we came up with…

I soon realized (after setting my ten second timer and running back and forth) I was not dressed in red and I had no shoes on. A great reason to play dress up!

This hat was a Valentine’s present from Aunt Jillee and Grandma Lori.  Pixie Jo came to visit me while I was judging a gymnastics meet on Saturday.  She was super excited to get this beautiful hat!

Now we match!

Love you too.

I put this dorky angel headband on her. Realize it’s dorky and go to take it off and she starts smiling. So here you have it. A happy happy girl that looks like she’s wearing a white feathery wig.

My girl does all kinds of awesome things now.  Like stares into your eyes.  This is big around our house as the past seven weeks she hasn’t really been able to focus on faces.   But now, she stares.  With so much love.  It melts my heart.  Here’s one of those little looks that are just irresistible.

Look at that Pixie Pie!

This is exhausting!

And because it is love day, Pixie Pie and I turned up the Valentine CD we got from Grammia and slow danced around the house.  Lovin’ every bit of today.
Special visitors to bring Pixie Pie her first Valentines. A Shrek valentine. Perfect for the mule. And a cute panda bear one from Devan and Zoey.

White Castle has a very special Valentine’s Day dinner with tablecloths, candles, flowers and a special menu! So yes, we’ve started a new tradition for our family. A classy dinner at White Castle.

She’s dreaming of a crave case and onion chips.

Our beautiful server bringing around desserts on her heart tray with her heart necklace and her heart bracelet. Love it.

My de-lish dessert. Straight from the wrapper.

Family dinner.

When getting that last picture off of the point and shoot camera I found these others. They made me giggle so I thought I’d share.

Last day at the gym. Whoa. That Gym on Grandview.

My gymnasts holding my big belly.

See, big belly. Ignore all those wonderful spots. More reason to use my big camera all the time.

Happy Love Day.


Crystal Jo

Crystal Jo is an Ohio-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, dreamer, believer and lover of life.


  1. light girl on February 14, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    i LOVE all of these! hehe..should have called me silly..i would have loved taking ya’lls picture ;P..but they turned out amazing!♥

  2. morgan aka: auntie morgan on February 14, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    ohhh. my. goodness!! How sweet! auntie morgan gets teary eyed! Dear Pixie Pie, I miss you and you need to visit me soon <3 love you!

  3. Momma Mia on February 15, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Melissa and I love love love these. Thanks for sharing your special day.

  4. Aunt Angie on February 15, 2011 at 10:31 am

    I look forward to each and every post. Thanks for sharing the joy that she gives you. It makes my day brighter every time. I heart these….

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