A quick outfit change. Into lederhosen. Columbus Family Photography

The Southworth Family.

They were cute and fun and up for whatever shenanigans I threw their way.  The kinda folks I like!  You can’t look at this without smiling!

Gavin and Jake.  Handsome fellas.  I love Gavin’s little beauty mark above his lip and Jake’s big dimple on his cheek.  They were a true joy.

I just love this.  Just peaceful.And then fun.Cheryl, you rock!  Only cool moms wanna jump and have fun with their kids.  Rock on, momma!

Possible Christmas card?

Boys will be boys.  And they will love their momma.

Cheryl works out at That Gym on Grandview.  Doesn’t she look FAB?!  Uh HUH!The boys had a quick outfit change into some lederhosen.  The beer was just a prop.  Don’t worry, they didn’t drink it.  Oh, and Gavin put his hair in pigtails.

We walked past a cute little cottage with these boots on the front stoop.  It inspired me to think outside of the box…err, boot.  It made me wanna run home and pull out my green thumb and some red boots.  Ah, who am I kidding?!  I haven’t planted a seed since Pixie.

Thank you for a great Friday evening, Southworth’s.

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