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Alex. One Year Big


So adorable!



Big sister loves little brother.

Firecracker…you bet!




How old are you…yep, you’ve got it!


OMG…so cute.

Flashback 6 months..look at those eyes.

Flashback a year….let the fireworks begin!


Here are a few fun facts about this big guy…

What is your favorite memory during your child’s first year of life?
My heart still bursts when I think of the first time our daughter, 2.5 yrs old at the time, held her baby brother for first time. She had such a big smile on her face and he just looked at her in awe. I hope these two will always have a special and close relationship.

Do you have a funny story or something that happened in his first year that you’d like to share?
Well I think this is funny, my husband maybe not so much. I hadn’t mastered the difference between changing a little boy versus girl yet. On the first night home I laid Alex on our master bed to change his diaper during the night. His pee managed to escape with quite an impressive arch in the air and peed all over my still sleeping husband. I was quite proud of our little son for teaching his daddy to not sleep through all those nighttime changes/feedings. 😉

What age/month has been your favorite and why?
Well I love those first 3 months of snuggles but 9 months old and on are also great to really start seeing their personality come out and watch them learn so much so fast.

One word to describe your baby is… ornery.

What is your child’s favorites…
Animal: Dog
Food: green beans
Toy: trucks
Song or Book: ABC’s song

How was your experience with Crystal Jo?
Crystal Jo has worked with us now since my daughter’s birth, now 3.5 yrs old, and now with my son. She continues to amaze me with getting awesone shots even when my littles are in total chaos. Knowing this lets me just relax and have a fun time during the shoots. Its been great to work with her throughout these such wonderful years to capture our family as we/they grow.

Crystal Jo

Crystal Jo is an Ohio-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, dreamer, believer and lover of life.

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