All boy. Columbus Children’s Photography

Chanden. 4 Years Big.


Isn’t he just precious!?  columbus_photography-3columbus_photography-4

And he’s ALL boy, that’s for sure!


Some fun facts about this munchkin…

Favorite food, snack, junk food, candy:  Strawberries, Gogurt, ice cream, Reese pieces and M&M’s

Favorite song: favorite songs consistent of learning something such as his ABC’s or days of the week.

Favorite show and character: right now he has a few favorites including power rangers, transformers, and Legos.

What is one thing Chanden can’t live without? His stuffed dolphin.

Favorite memory from his third year..starting preschool!

How has your life changed with Chanden in it? We are always on our toes in anticipation of what he’s going to do next, good or bad!

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