Along for the ride. Columbus Engagement Photography

Lauren and Zak.  Engaged.  
I was scouting some cool locations for our shoot.  They wanted urban.  I passed this cool wall and totally had to “use” it. (Session fave.)
Zak is TOTALLY smitten and it is completely obvious.

So romantic.
And they are completely happy in love.
Dude loves his car.  And this chick just goes along for the ride.  🙂
They used to live in German Village so we walked around their old stomping grounds.  I love it down there.  So much character!
You guys are so cute!

Super duper excited for your FUN fall nuptials. Much love, friends.

Some fun questions for the happy couple..
How did you meet?

Lauren: Zak and I met in high school calculus class senior year. We sat next to each other all year and calculus quickly became my favorite class. Because we got along so well and didn’t pay attention to the lectures I ended up failing Calculus. Good thing I didn’t need that class to graduate! After high school, Zak and I went our separate ways for college and graduate school. 8 years later….we both ended up back in Columbus and through a late night Facebook message we made a date to catch up and haven’t been apart since!

Tell us about your proposal!

Zak: I wanted to propose to her in a creative way but not in a public way. Neither of us would enjoy that. Since we really got to know each other in school, I came up with the perfect plan. I cut the insides out of a math book and placed the ring in there. When we were getting ready to leave for an incredibly early dinner, I asked her if she could read something out of the book really fast before we left. 🙂

When and where is your wedding?

We are getting married at The Loft in the old Smith Brothers Hardware building on September 15th, 2012.

What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding day or being married?

Lauren: I am looking forward to spending time with each other and building our life together. I also look forward to many road trips/adventures together (Zak doesn’t really know about my plan yet)… I figure that because Zak loves his car and I love traveling why not combine the two and take lots of road trips in his car!

Zak: The part of our marriage I am looking forward to most is knowing that she will continue to always be there for me, each and every day, as she always has. But now its official!

What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?

Lauren: My favorite thing about Zak is that he puts other people before himself. He is always helping our friends and family with computer trouble, home improvement projects, car trouble…etc. you name it Zak does it. I also love that Zak promised to make me a wine rack for all the wine I plan on drinking while I watch him paint our new house.

Zak: The thing I love most about Lauren is how we instantly got along when we first met. I have never, ever become that good of friends with someone that quickly. Lauren always made me feel comfortable, immediately. She has goals but she is also carefree. A wonderful mix. On a side note, I imagine that Lauren’s favorite thing about me is drinking wine/supervising me while I paint. Haha. Love you!

What makes you guys unique?

I think we annoy people because our goals in life are so similar and because we have nothing to prove to each other. We are completely comfortable with one another. We also reflect quite often on how lucky we are to have reconnected after all of those years!

How did you find Crystal Jo?

Lauren: I met Crystal Jo at That Gym where I’m working on my wedding day figure! (Thanks, Ash!)

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    Great backdrop! they look so happy and you captured it all : )

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