Audra Bunny. Columbus Newborn Photography

Audra. Newborn.

Some bunny loves you.

The sweetest in Daddy’s arms.


Here are a few fun facts about this new little bundle of joy…

Tell us about that first moment when you saw your baby.
This second delivery was such a breeze compared with the first that I was mostly shocked at how quickly she was there! I do seem to remember thinking she looked quite a bit like Adelaide (our first).  Dad says he remembers seeing her with me for the first time more than that initial sight of her.

What was your baby’s birth weight and length? She was 7 lbs 7 oz and 21″ long
Is there a story behind your baby’s name?  We all have names that begin with A, so that was important to us and Audra just seemed to sound good with the rest of our names and was a pretty unique name that you don’t hear often. Her middle name is very special because it is also my (her mom’s) middle name.  I was given it because both of my aunts’ names are/were Janet.  The one that lived close by (my dad’s sister) was one of my favorite people in this world and we lost her a little over a year ago to ALS so we wanted to honor her and carry her name on in the family.

Give us the scoop. What has surprised you the most about parenthood?
Are there any funny stories or firsts that you’d like to share?  Bringing a baby into the world during a pandemic has been interesting to say the least.  She was born on the 12th right around the time when things started getting cancelled in the sports world and it all went spiraling from there.  We felt very prepared for baby 2, but now with daycares closed, we are having to adjust how we are tackling our parental leave time with the addition of our 3 year old at home.  We’re grateful for some unexpected family time, but these first few weeks with a newborn as well as a high energy 3 year old with no playgrounds or outlets for her has proven to be quite challenging.

What did you like best about your experience with Crystal Jo?
Crystal Jo is like family to us at this point 🙂 She has given us so many amazing photos through so many phases of our lives.  She does such an amazing job with babies and really helped our 3 year old feel special as well.  We’re so glad we were still able to get these even though so much was going on in the world at the time.


Crystal Jo

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