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Chanden. 3 Months Big.

The three month shoot is always a toughy for me. Baby is not sitting up and they are just at that stage where they ARE smiling…but not very often. And it’s hard to capture if they aren’t in the “right” mood. At three months, babies are pretty much laying on their backs. Some can hold their heads up while laying on their bellies, but not for very long. And most of these shots just look like the baby eating the carpet. Can you tell I’ve tried this numerous times?

So I was pondering something that could be fun for a laying baby. Something to try and capture this happy time.

What is more fun than a baby in a bathtub?

He’s such a ham!
Love his expression here!  And his bubble mohawk.
Duckies.  Lots of them.

Look at those eyelashes!  He’s gonna be a ladies man.

Big boy in a whale robe.  So cute.

Chanden’s daddy wore this outfit at his christening.  I love pulling out old handmade clothing.  Especially when it has so much meaning and importance.  
Now let’s head outside for some family fun!
What a cool little dude.

Happy 3 Months Chanden. A special thank you to Momma Holt for letting us use your big tub. 🙂

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