Baby Blue Abigail. Columbus Baby Photography

Abigail. 6 Months Big.columbus_photography-4


Look at these baby blues!


Sweet baby just loves her toes!columbus_photography-3

Here are a few fun facts about Abigail…

What is your favorite memory during your child’s first 6 months of life?
ALL OF THEM!  Anytime when she’s fallen asleep nestled in my neck (makes my heart skip a beat- my favorite snuggles).  Mom
Today, when I was able to get her to belly laugh for a sustained period. Dad

Do you have a funny story or something that happened in her first 6 months that you’d like to share?
(From moms eyes): dad was watching Abigail while mom had her “me” day- pedi, massage, hair.  Poor Abigail started to get an ear infection, & was vomiting frequently & In high volume.  When mom got home, dad was covered in baby vomit, with a look of terror on his face.  The next day, the video went viral with the dad with a vomiting baby.  I felt terrible for Abbs, but mom couldn’t help but to laugh at dads plight.

What about this age has been your favorite and why?
Watching her eyes take in everything around her with a sense of wonder and curiosity on her cute little face!- mom
Watching her become a little more mobile every day.  Each day she learns a little more that will soon allow her to crawl.  Dad

One word to describe your baby is… HAPPY!!!!

What is your child’s favorites…
Animal: kitty cat (our meow is Millie- she always knows where Millie is)
Food: carrots
Toy:  a big orange fishy that shakes and makes fun noises with the different material.
Song or Book: the going to bed book

How was your experience with Crystal Jo?
Always a fun, pleasant experience!

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  1. Theresa Hendricks on July 5, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    She is as sweet as she is beautiful,Love The Pictures of Abbey,they show the real personality of her:)

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