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Luisa and Sean.  Engaged.

columbus_photography-2And their pooch, Scarlet.  🙂






Pretty much sums up these two….



Gymnast/Yogi.  Love this girl so much! Favorite photo from the session is a given…on the right!


Sean, your hair.  It’s ridiculously handsome.  I can see why sweet Luisa swooped you up!  🙂columbus_photography-6columbus_photography-7

I really adore you guys.  Can’t wait for the wedding.  Luisa, you are going to make a STUNNING bride.  GEEESH!columbus_photography-11columbus_photography-8

Fun facts about this adorable couple…

When and where is your wedding?

Wedding is September 26, 2015. Ceremony is at East Broad Presbyterian Church and Reception is at Via Vecchia Winery. La dolce vita! Salud!
How did you meet?
Luisa:  Sean and I met at medical school in Erie, PA. He was always picking on me and making fun of me, yet somehow his “charm” won me over!
Sean: Med School, we were in the same problem based learning group.
Tell us about your proposal!
Luisa:  Sean’s family is from Hawaii and we were planning a trip to visit them last February. I was hoping he would propose while we were there, but I never could have imagined what he had planned. We went snorkeling with his family earlier in the day. Afterwards, his cousin took us around to find flowers for leis and his Tutu (Hawaiian for Grandmother) taught us how to string leis. Traditionally, when you make a lei, you make it to give away to someone else. So Sean came up with this great idea to take photos at sunset with our homemade leis for a Christmas card this year. I, of course, thought that was a great idea because I LOVE photos….especially at sunset on the beach in Hawaii. Sean’s cousin (an aspiring photographer)  kindly volunteered to take our photos. While we were taking photos and exchanging our leis, I noticed his entire family was gathering around and watching…..and I asked him, “Why is your whole family watching us take photos??” His response was, “They live in Hawaii; this is probably the most excitement they’ve had in a while.” So after Sean put the flower lei that he made around my neck, I eventually realized there was ring tied to it. He got down on one knee and asked me, “Will you make me the happiest haole Hawaiian and be my wife?” Of course I started crying and was literally speechless for the first time in my life. Then all of a sudden there was a ukulele player who came out of nowhere! He serenaded us with a mix of Jason Mraz and Hawaiian music while we drank champagne with his family. He also had my parents and his mom on FaceTime so they could see the entire thing, live from Hawaii! It was, and always will be, one of the most special moments in our lives. And he even caught it on camera! Bonus!
Sean:  So, after months of being annoyed about proposing and with the help of my aunt and grandmother in Hawaii, we all came up with a great proposal idea. On our trip to Hawaii in February, I told Luisa that we were going to prepare for our Christmas card photo, because again I was scolded that we didn’t have a Christmas card to to send last year. We walked around my aunt’s community picking flowers for homemade leis. My cousin Jordan and my grandmother showed us how to make a variety of leis. We both got dressed for the photos out by the ocean. My uncle set up an impromptu tent. We gave each other the leis that we made. All my cousins had their iPhones, iPads and cameras on us pretending they were just taking photos. When I put Luisa’s lei around her neck, she did not know the engagement ring was tied onto the lei. Eventually she noticed the ring and I got down on one knee and proposed. After she said yes, my cousins turned around their iPads to show our parents that had been watching the whole time on FaceTime. Next, a ukulele player that I hired walked out of the house playing “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz. And now she’s stuck with me forever.
What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?
Luisa: His hair, obviously! But also his sense of humor. He’s witty and handsome!
Sean:  She never knows the lyrics to any song, but will sing it anyway…..even though she can’t sing.
What makes you guys unique?
Luisa: We both finish each others’…..
Sean:  Sandwiches….
How did you find Crystal Jo?
Luisa:  Crystal Jo and I did gymnastics together at Ohio State. Go bucks! O-H!
Sean: Luisa. I refuse to say I-O.
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