Big Bear. Columbus Baby Photography

Anabelle. 1 Year Big.


Cute family alert!


I love this so much!columbus_photography-5columbus_photography-6

World’s Biggest Bear EVER!columbus_photography



Here are a few fun facts about Anabelle…

What is your favorite memory during your child’s first year of life?
Mummy’s favorite memory was when anabelle learned her excited face when we were out a dinner!… I’ve never laughed so hard!
Daddy’s favorite memory was when anabelle learned to walk and then when mom taught her to shake out her sillies

Do you have a funny story or some thing that happened in her first year that you’d like to share?
I can’t think of anything super funny at the moment, but i’m sure there were a few

What age/month has been your favorite and why?
Every month since month 7 has been so much fun. That’s when Anabelle first started moving and becoming much more interactive with everyone and everything. She’s been walking since 10 months and while it’s tiring chasing after our energizer bunny, it’s so much fun watching her discover the world!

One word to describe your baby is…

What is your child’s favorites…
Animal: Dog
Food: Mac &  Cheese
Toy:  her Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance and Move Beat Bo
Song or Book:   Any books by Sandra Boynton


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