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Kendall. Birth Day.


Big sister Kinley meeting Kendall for the first time.  Heart swollen!



Does she have all of her fingers?  Yep, ten fingers and ten toes.






Rowe, Family of FOUR!


The photo on the right is Grandpa comparing Kendall with Kinley’s newborn photo.  columbus_photography-17

Kendall’s birth story written by her Momma..

I started having pretty frequent contractions on Thursday April 9th (which happened to be Kinley’s birthday). On Friday we took her to the zoo and had to leave early because I was having contractions every 10 minutes. I went home relaxed and had a pretty lazy weekend and they resolved. Tuesday I was off work with Kinley and started contracting again in the evening and just thought I had over done it so I went to bed to sleep them off. At this point I was only 36 weeks pregnant so I figured we still had a couple weeks and wanted a couple weeks to let this baby grow. At 1 am I woke up in discomfort and within a half hour realized I was having contractions every 2 minutes. In complete denial I took a shower to try to relax and laid around contracting every 2 minutes until 5am when we headed to the hospital. We arrived at Dublin Methodist at 5:30am and I was 6cm dilated. I immediately cried because I have seen many 36 week premies spend time in the NICU with breathing problems in my career. I quickly got that cry out of the way and then the nurse shared with me that the baby was also breech so they were going to get me to the OR for a c-section at 7am, hopefully before my water broke. Tears again. Absolutely nothing wrong with a c-section, just a surprise. So there we were, 7am OR, Kendall arrived at 7:40am. We didn’t know what we were having although I thought the whole time it was a girl. Chris got to announce from behind the curtain. Her head/shoulder was stuck under my ribs and Chris said it was brutal the way they had to pull her legs to get her out. She now has some nice battle wounds (bruises) to show for that. But we are completely smitten and so happy to meet our 6lb 10 oz baby girl. Kinley (2yrs old) was so sweet when she first met her. Gifts, lots of hugs and sweet kisses. We enjoyed this moment more than I could ever have imagined. Our hearts are full and our family now feels complete. Thank you Crystal Jo for documenting yet another special moment in our life!

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