Chanden Parkway. Columbus Baby Photography

Chanden. Two Years Big.

Chanden was all smiles when he saw that “photo session” meant a trip to  the playground.
Chanden has a beautiful family and take a look at his AMAZING blue eyes!“Chanden Parkway” where red tricycles rule!

Kisses from Chanden…
What a happy guy! I LOVE his smile!

Mom and Dad answered some questions about Chanden…

What is your favorite memory during his second year of life?
Daddy’s favorite memories from Chanden’s second year are hanging out on Saturday mornings watching cartoons. Mommy’s favorite memories are getting to watch him experience and discover new things like the animals at the zoo, the playground, bounce houses, Mickey Mouse, trains, and balls.

Do you have a funny story or something that happened in his second year that you’d like to share?
Chanden discovered his booty, thanks to his Aunt Holly. If you ask him where his booty is he points to it and laughs!

What age/month has been your favorite and why?
All of them. He’s always learning new things and it’s exciting to watch him grow and develop a personality.

One word to describe your toddler is…

Animal: his favorite at the zoo is the elephant, but he does love his dog “Nee-Nee”, aka Snickers and the baby deer in our back yard
Food: he eats pretty much everything, but he has mommy’s sweet tooth
Toy: choo-choo’s

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