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Brittany and Michael. Engaged.

Brittany, you are beautiful.  And that love you have for Michael is definitely written all over your face.


Session fave… I can’t decide which one.  🙂


Purple = wedding color.  And you’ll see her lace shirt.  Wedding texture.  It’s all in the details.


Michael was a groomsmen in Roberta and Steve’s wedding in 2009.  He said he remembers how much fun we had taking pictures and how I kept yelling at him.  Throughout their engagment session, I had to stay true to my actions from 2009.  “Michael, run, hurry, goooooooooo!” I had a great time with you guys.  Can’t wait for the wedding!



Aren’t they cute?!


We had a contest.  “Go see who can find the prettiest leaves!”  I added the diamond on top soooooo.. I win.

A stack of pallets.  Awesome!

They both work and met at Honda.  I love it when folks personalize a session with something that means so much to them.


I’m cool and Michael knows it.  🙂


When and where is your wedding?
Brittany & Michael: Our wedding is October 4th, 2014. It is at St. John’s Lutheran church in Grove City and our reception will be at
the Blackwell Hotel on the OSU campus.

How did you meet?
Brittany: We met at work, Honda, and started talking after Michael had scoped me out on Facebook.
Michael: I met Brittany at work. I saw her walking around from time to time, and one day decided to start talking to her. Best decision
I’ve ever made.

Tell us about your proposal!
Brittany: Our proposal was very unique. We did the Color Me Rad 5k and he ran with the ring in his pocket the entire time! Not in the box, just the ring! And while taking pictures afterwards he got done one knee!
Michael: I proposed after a 5K color run we ran together, I thought it would be a good time, and it made for some fun pictures too!

What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?

Brittany: My favorite thing about Michael would be his big heart. He would do anything possible to make everyone happy. And I can always be myself, no matter what mood I’m in.
Michael: I love that I can talk about car stuff with her, and she actually knows what I am saying.

What makes you guys unique?
Brittany: What makes us unique is that we’re so much alike but yet so different at the same time. We love our alone time and accept that it’s needed for the both of us!
Michael: I think just the level of understanding we have. We just know each other so well and are very in sync with each other.

How did you find Crystal Jo?
Brittany: We found crystal Jo via a family member 🙂
Michael: She was the photographer at my brother’s wedding, and I have always thought he was very talented, and lots of fun to
work with.

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