Covered Bridges, Bean Fields and The Cruikshanks.

The Cruikshank Family.

I love them. Every family session we’ve had (and there have been many), I crack up the whole time. The children are so full of energy.

The Cruikshanks did their research for this shoot! Going to every covered bridge in Union County to find the best locations for their fabulous family photographs. I rode in the families fancy new car and I got to sit by little Miss Catie. She is such a joy and talked my ear off as we drove to each covered bridge. She pointed at my belly and said “there is a baby in there, boy or girl?”  I said, there is a little girl in there Catie. She says, “we are both girls.”  Yes, Catie, you are both little girls. And I can only hope my little girl is as cute and charming as you. At one location, Catie picked me a flower and said “this is for you…make sure you put it in water when you get home.”  In the car, she took the flower back and put it in her secret hiding compartment…the swivel cupholder in her big girl booster seat.  When we arrived back at their house, Catie, with her shy little grin, pulled the flower out and said “look, it’s still safe, don’t forget to take it home and put it in water.”

It’s been about a week since the Cruikshank family session. The dried up withered yellow weed is still in water.

See.  Full of energy and laughter.My fave.Some fisheye fun.  Caleb is diggin’ it with his arms raised high. “Look at me.”Andy {the poppa} has such creative ideas.  Corn, bean fields, covered bridges…cool!I love her.  I want her all to myself.Cody.  Little monkey.  He posed himself.Aren’t they so cute?!I love how her little hand is wrapped around Mommie’s {Lia Sophia} necklace.  Evyonne sells beautiful Lia Sophia jewelry.  Contact her for more info… 614.496.4852  

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  1. Amy Seese on September 26, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Great locations, Great pictures, Great photographer

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