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Beatrice. Newborn.



Little scarecrow baby.


A TEN POUND BABY and a NATURAL BIRTH!  Let me tell you, this Momma is a rockstar!columbus_photography-11columbus_photography-10

Three’s a charm!columbus_photographyHere are a few fun facts about Beatrice…

Tell us about that first moment when you saw your baby.
I was amazed to see her – and see that it was really a girl! The delivery was smooth so I was able to hold her right away, she had a lot of dark hair and was already a cuddlier.

What was your baby’s birth weight and length?
She was 10 lbs 7.8 oz and 21 3/4 inches

Is there a story behind your baby’s name?
We liked the name Beatrice and had considered it for our second child (Henry) – we chose Carolyn because it’s pretty but it’s also a family name (my great aunt who is deceased).

Give us the scoop. What has surprised you the most about parenthood?  Are there any funny stories or firsts that you’d like to share?
Adding a third kid has been smoother than expected. I’m always amazed to see how the kids interact and how much they change. It’s been really cool seeing the boys as big brothers and how much they move their new baby sister. Having a girl has been different – she’s peed all over several times – unlike the boys, it didn’t hit me but spread everywhere else 🙂

What did you like best about your experience with Crystal Jo?
She’s so friendly and my boys love seeing her/working with her (“Miss Crystal Jo!”). I also appreciate her attention to detail, it shows in her pictures.

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