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Erin Carey. Newborn. I love this FAMILY OF FOUR!


BIG brother!

Little smile.



Here are a few fun facts about this beautiful little one…

Tell us about that first moment when you saw your baby.
We were scheduled for our repeat c-section on 10/9 but little miss Erin had other plans!  On 10/4 I started having contractions but wasn’t convinced it was really happening so I went to work. As the morning went they got more intense and by lunchtime we headed for the hospital. Much to my surprise we were well on our way to meeting our baby girl. Within an hour and a half we were in the OR and I was hearing her cry as she took her first breaths. As they brought her around for us to see my heart exploded with love. Fortunately, they let me hold her while they finished putting me back together and I just stared in disbelief at the miracle we had created. 💕

What was your baby’s birth weight and length?
6 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long
Is there a story behind your baby’s name?
Matt and I are so indecisive when it comes to naming our babies!  With our son it took us 3 days to decide!  With Erin we were pretty sure that is what we wanted but still wanted to see her before making our final decision. After she was born both of the nurses getting us settled in our postpartum hospital room were named Erin, we knew it was a sign that Erin Was the perfect name for our girl. Matt’s family has a tradition of using Carey as the middle name. His grandfather, his Dad, he and his brothers and our son and nephew all have Carey as their middle name. We felt this strong Irish name was fitting for our strong Irish girl as well. Erin Carey Fitzpatrick we love you so ☘️

Give us the scoop. What has surprised you the most about parenthood?  Are there any funny stories or firsts that you’d like to share?
I think the newborn phase is definitely easier the second time around. You feel a little more confident in everything you do. It’s toddlerhood that is challenging!  But watching Corbin love kn  his baby sister is the absolute sweetest thing I have ever seen and absolutely melts my heart every time he loves on her. ❤
What did you like best about your experience with Crystal Jo?
Crystal Jo is the best and we are so lucky that she is my bestie and captures all of our most precious moments in photos that fill the void where words just aren’t enough.  Like most men, my hubs doesn’t enjoy getting his picture taken but she makes it so quick and painless that even he can’t complain too much 😉 Her artistic talent is amazing and I can’t wait to see the magic she captured this time!

Crystal Jo

Crystal Jo is an Ohio-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, dreamer, believer and lover of life.

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