Fast, Fun, and Definitely One. Columbus Baby Photography

Brynleigh. One Year Big.

Of course this cutie has to belong to a super cute couple…

Brynleigh is always SO happy.

And she’s a FAST little booger!
The birthday girl is ready to party!Interior design done by Brynleigh.  It’s called toys.  Everywhere. And she really sparkles.She’s fast, she’s fun, and she’s definitely one.

Brynleigh, it was such a BEAUTIFUL year for you.  I enjoyed watching you grow into the sweetest little girl with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.  You are super FAST and oh-so funny!  I can’t wait to watch you for many more years to come!  Xoxo, love you bunches, Crystal Jo.
A flashback of her entire first year in photographs…


Mom and Dad answered some questions about Brynleigh’s first year…

What is your favorite memory during her first year of life?
Belly laughs!!!!! Brynleigh’s laughter and smile is infectious! You can not help but to giggle and smile when she walks in the room….which she has been walking since 9 months!

Do you have a funny story or something that happened in her first year that you’d like to share?
Quiet children are usually up to no good! The funniest story we have is when Brynleigh was being ever so quiet and being “such a good little girl,” playing in the corner alone. When Mike checked to see what she was doing, she had taken her diaper off all by herself and pooped on the floor!!!!

What age/month has been your favorite and why?
While I do miss the constant excuse for snuggles during the baby months….our favorite age has been 9-12 months. She is learning something new every day and changing (we swear by the second). She is really turning into her own little person. And thankfully, Brynleigh still loves to snuggle!

One word to describe your baby is…
Miracle. It may sound so cliché’ ….but Brynleigh is truly mommy and daddy’s little miracle. We fought so hard to get her, months changed to years of heartache and pain, almost losing each other until she came along. Each day is a blessing and the world seems like a brighter place with her in it. If the path was paved just for her, we would walk it again a million times to bring that little miracle into our lives.

Brynleigh’s favorites…
Animal:  “kitties”, we have 2 cats and 2 dogs…..but all animals are called “kitty” and she wants to touch and snuggle them all.
Food: this child will eat EVERYTHING!  thank goodness she is not a picky eater like her momma.  Dill pickle spears seem to be a hit.  She can finish a spear in a matter of minutes!
Toy:  her babies.  Mommy tried so very hard not to have baby dolls in the house (they freak me out).  but how can you say no to your child when she grabs it at the store, hold it close and kisses its forehead?!?!  Momma bought Brynleigh her first baby doll when she was about 8 months old right then and there, now babies are one of her favorite toys….she has 6!


Crystal Jo

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  1. Aunt Sissy on February 13, 2013 at 9:03 am

    Thank you Crystal Jo Foto for a year full of amazing pictures to document the growth and change of our beautiful Brynleigh!! We will cherish these forever!!
    ~Aunt Sissy

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