Freshly Squeezed Lemonade. Columbus Children Photography

Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions.


Our first date was rained out. Booooo.

Little Adriana came all the way from Indianapolis for her mini session. She was rain or shine. So we had a back up plan in place because the weather was looking pretty messy. (Can pretty and messy be in the same sentence? It is now.) It turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL afternoon. And I was kicking myself for rescheduling all of the other littles. Darn weather.

Here’s Adriana. Remember how adorable her 6 month shoot was?!

Now she’s a big girl. And she has big, funny expressions.  Sour lemonade!

She’s a mischievous little booger.
And oh-so CUTE!

Day Two.  Here’s Sydney and McKenzie.  Cute as can be.

I LOVEEEE THIS!  This should be a HUGE framed portrait, mommy!Hehehehehheh.
Sydney (on left) is one of my gymnasts.  I love her to pieces.
Sisters forever.  Forever, they’ll be.
Jason brought Pixie for Syd to hold.  Can you tell he just woke her up?  She’s dreaming of milk.
And then have her own little mini, mini session.  (That was SUPER mini, like 4 shots, mini….I’m sure I’ll make it up to you with more sessions, sweetie.)
I love her little tongue sticking out.  My girl.
Hi, pretty birdie.  Mommy loves you.  (She begged Grammia to paint her piggies.  She wins.)
Then Pixie’s boyfriend showed up.  She musta called him right after her nap.

I love this photo.  It looks like she is saying, “Hey, excuse ME Blazee, WHERE IS MY glass of lemonade.  Huh HUM?”
Blazee says, “Oh, how silly of me dear.  Let me make you a freshly squeezed glass.”

He cracks me up!  His momma was laughing so hard at him with this cup.  He did this over and over again.  Big boy.


Hey everyone.  Come buy some lemonade!

“b” is for Blaze.  And “d” is for Delaney!

She’s as sweet as they come.

Hi Mom and Dad.

Oh my gooooooodness.  LOVE her sitting on top of the stand.  SOOOO adorable!

A special thank you to all my lemonade stand comers. You made my day extra sweet!

There were a couple of children that could not make the scheduled rain date so we may be having another sweet session soon.  Please email me at if you are interested in getting in on the fun!

ring: 614.397.0352


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