Future Firefighter. Columbus Baby Photography

Henry.  1 Year Big.


Big boy might just be a firefighter some day.0X1A2258

Henry in Mommy’s belly..
columbus maternity photo-8

Henry, newborn.

This face at 3 months.  LOVE!

6 Months…columbus_baby_photo-5




I adore you and your brother, little guy.  XO!

Some fun facts about Henry from Momma…

Favorite Memory: Of both boys, it would have to be how sweet Ben was when he first met his baby brother – it was the same day Henry was born – Ben wanted to hold him and kept saying “I love you!” For Henry, it’s mostly just thinking about how sweet and snuggly he is while he nurses.

Funny story: One of the first times Henry stood up and walked was to chase after his brother to try to take his yogurt raisins. Nothing motivates a little brother like the urge to take something from a big brother

Age/Month: I enjoyed the tiny newborn phase more the second time around – in the first 2 weeks he would sleep on my (Mommy’s) chest which was very sweet. We also are enjoying the 12-13 month stage as he walks/toddles and babbles. He’ s very purposeful and it’s funny to see what he tries to do and imitate.

One word: Curious and happy (I know it’s two words but he’s a lot of both)

Animal: our dog Daisy – he tries to play with her and gets tugged all around the room
Food: anything Ben is eating. And Yogurt
Toy: his Lovey – Froggy.
Book: DOG (it’s a book about dogs with flaps/touch and feel spots)


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