If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed. Columbus Wedding Photography

Charissa and Joe.  Married.




A winter wonderland theme.


Charissa’s father is a firefighter.  She sewed his patch on the inside of her wedding gown.


Key and locket tattoos with her sister. Love it!



Just a few minutes before she was about to walk to the man of her dreams.


Here comes the Bride.



In the most stunning sanctuary.  They said, “I do”.


The way both of Joe’s hands are on hers.  The way he is caressing her wrist.  Hands, body language, speaks volumes. Speaks love.


It’s almost like Charissa is breathing it all in for the first time.


And then there’s this…




A wet and cold rainy wedding day.


But inside, it was a seriously a winter wonderland!


How clever.  Sure beats a traditional place card.



If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed.  Even in a wedding gown.


She walked out of the reception BAREFOOT.  That’s when I knew we were destined to be friends FOREVER.  Missy, you are AWESOME, and real and beautiful.  Inside and out.  I wish you both all of the happiness in the world.



A little behind the scenes with Crystal Jo Foto.  Where all the FUN HAPPENS!


And groomsmen are always helpful.


Tasha, you are a ROCK STAR! Wind, rain, traffic, you got it all on your resume!


Nathan, from Prodigy Video.  He’s a great friend of mine.  And he lets me steal his lights. 🙂columbus_photography-3

The beautiful slideshow is HERE.  The full gallery of images is HERE. Click it!

Some more fun facts about this beautiful wedding…

Their creative team…

Reception and Ceremony Site: St Paul the Apostle and The Hilton at Easton
Photographer:  Crystal Jo Foto
Video: Prodigy Cinema
Caterer: The Hilton
Flowers: Rita from PremaDesigns (AMAZING!!!)
DJ: Matthew and family from ShizDiz Entertainment (They MASTERED my request for “cheesy, white girl wedding music” lol)
Ceremony Music: Rat Pack
Hair and Make up: Cheek by Lindsay (she was SO much fun!!)
Wedding Planner: Basically Rita from PremaDesigns – she did everything!
Invitations: Jason from Avant Garde (LOVE, love, love him!!)
Jewelry: random places
Rehearsal dinner: The Wine Bistro, Westerville
Wedding gown designer: Eddy K
Our songs….
processional: Canon in D
recessional: La Rejouissance
grand entrance: Bring ‘Em Out by T.I.
first dance: Crash by Dave Matthews Band
cake cutting: I Do – 98 Degrees
father/daughter: Because you loved me by Celine Dion
mother/son: How sweet it is by James Taylor
last dance: Closing Time by Semisonic
……………………………What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Bride: Everything about that day just blew my mind! There was so much anticipation, but I think the best part of the day was waking up that morning and the sense of calm excitement that I felt…it was something I have never felt in my life! I was so ready and I just couldn’t wait to see him. When the church doors opened and I saw him immediately start crying, I knew it was real. Then later, there was a quick moment where the bridal party had all entered the reception and it was just he and I waiting to be announced and it was the most excited I have ever felt in my life. Finally, our first dance together…that was incredible. I literally just got lost in the moment. Those are the moments that stick out the most to me. I have never felt that kind of joy before!                                                                                                                                                    Groom: My most memorable moment on that magical day was when the church doors opened and I saw Charissa for the first time with her dad next to her.  She brought tears to my eyes instantly. She looked gorgeous. I could not believe the moment was finally here.

What was your favorite detail?
Bride: The reception was breathtaking! During dinner I was so mesmerized looking at all of the details. Rita from PremaDesigns and I worked so hard piecing my dream together. She was amazing to work with and I was just so overwhelmed at how beautifully it all came together!                                                                                                                        Groom: My favorite detail from the wedding would have to be the reception room at the Hilton. The detail and work my wife put into making that room a winter wonderland was amazing. The room turned out fantastic.
Any advice for future bride/grooms?
Bride: Do not lose focus!! I think our day was so incredible because I never lost sight of it being about he and I. I completely see why people get so consumed with “the wedding” though…it was stressful!!! But I was very diligent in trying to stay grounded and keep the focus on us and not the event. In the end, the details were not all “perfect”, but the day WAS perfect because everything that I stayed focused on came true!! I married my best friend, I had the best people around me and the love and energy of the day was incredible……that is what kept the dance floor packed all night!!
Groom: Yes, if you plan on taking a honeymoon right after the wedding I would not leave the very next day. It was nice to have one day to catch your breath and have a little recap of the night with friends and family. Leaving two days later might make life a little easier.
If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Bride:  Not one bit!
Groom:  NO. I had the best time of my life that day and was able to share it with family and friends that I love.  Most importantly I got to share it with my soulmate Charissa Lynn the woman I love the most.
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Bride:  Oahu, Hawaii…….it was A-MAZING!!!
Groom:  Charissa and I went to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Hawaii is called paradise Island, after visting Hawaii for the first time I understand why.  So many different exciting activities like zip lining, shark diving and snorkeling can be found on this paradise island.  Also cant forget about the great shrimp trucks on the side of the road.
How was your experience with Crystal Jo Foto?
Bride:  THE BEST!! Joseph and I weren’t able to squeeze in engagement pictures so we never actually met Crystal Jo until the day of the wedding…which did make me a little nervous. She started cracking jokes and making us all feel comfortable from the very beginning, but it wasn’t until after the ceremony that I really started to appreciate her and Tasha. They literally just became a part of the group that day!! It was the perfect balance of being involved and being in the shadows. There are so many pictures that I had no idea they were around and they are so incredible!! But mostly, I was so thankful that she was so much fun and was involved enough to pull out the excitement of our group. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂
Groom:  My experience with Crystal Jo was awesome, you could tell Crystal Jo is experienced, professional and knows what she’s doing.  My favorite memory hands down would be the pictures taken outside at the Hilton.  Felt like a movie star taking pictures in the middle of the street holding up traffic.Captured lots of great pictures outside and cant wait to see them.  I’m so thankful Crystal Jo had this great idea to take pictures outside, going to look great in the scrapbook. Thank you so much Crystal Jo and your team, everyone was great and Charissa and I couldn’t have found a better group of peole to share our wedding day with.
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