Tea Bag. Columbus Engagement Photography

Maria and Jordan. Engaged.



After the park, we headed to North High Brewery where Maria and Jordan made their wedding beer.  How cool is this…




Jokes of a tea bag fly around easily during this part of the process.columbus_photography-9columbus_photography-10


Cheers, friends!  I’m super excited to taste this beer on your big day. XO!columbus_photography-16


Here are a few fun facts about amazing couple…

When and where is your wedding?
Jordan- July 2nd, 2016. The Taylor Mansion, Columbus.
Maria- Our wedding is on July 2, 2016 at the Taylor Mansion.

How did you meet?
Jordan- Through a mutual friend when I moved to the Columbus area.
Maria-  We met a while ago, in 2009, when Jordan moved to OH and a mutual friend, Mike, introduced us. Then we started dating in 2011 after we both separately attended Mike (& Saundra’s) wedding, reconnected as friends, and then fell in love =)

Tell us about your proposal!
Jordan-  I proposed to Maria on a beach in Kauai, HI. We were there on vacation and we went to watch the sunrise on the beach. As the sun rose I gave her a wooden charm box carved in the shape of a tiger which contained the ring.
Maria-  We were on vacation in Kauai, HI with Jordan’s family February 2015. I already knew Jordan wanted to propose somewhere special, so I was figuring this would probably be it. Jordan knew I wanted to watch the sun rise over the ocean at least once during that vacation, so one morning he woke me up early and asked if I still wanted to watch the sunrise. I was sleepy, but I knew I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. So we got up, Jordan poured us a cup of coffee to share and grabbed his backpack (which made me suspicious ). We walked down to the beach, picked a spot to sit and enjoyed our coffee. Then he reached into his backpack and pulled out a wooden puzzle jewelry box in the shape of a tiger and told me to open it. I knew what it was, and I was so happy and thrilled that he did something so sweet! So I opened the box, and there it was, a ring, and he asked me if I would marry him. I was so happy, I soaked in the whole moment, the gorgeous early morning, the colors of the sky and sea, the fact that we were alone on that beach, it was perfect… All that mattered was the two of us. And, to commemorate that day, I painted a picture of the photo we took of our footprints in the sand on the beach, and on the back of the canvas I wrote the date we were engaged, so that I would always remember…

What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?
Jordan-   My favorite thing about Maria is the combination of her sense of humor, ability to relax and have fun, and enjoyment of similar hobbies as myself.
Maria-  Hmm, that’s tough, I love so many things about Jordan. I guess what I really love about him is that he always has my happiness at heart. He’ll always take care of me, go the extra mile to do things for me, and make me happy without ever being selfish about it. He’s such a great man with a good heart!

What makes you guys unique?
Jordan- I think it’s the appreciation for interesting and sometimes awesome things. For instance we both like racing. We have both ridden pit bikes at a co-workers pit bike race. We co-drove my e30 at both an autocross and a rally cross. Maria co-drove for me at a few rally events. We both enjoy brewing beer and appreciate good food.  So many reasons to love her.
Maria- We work together! We both have the common goal to build each other up, and I think that makes us stronger for it.

How did you find Crystal Jo?
Jordan- One of Maria’s coworkers recommended Crystal Jo and we couldn’t be happier!
Maria-  We found Crystal Jo through our friend Caleb Longman.


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