Kelly & Bryant

Kelly and I met in college.  She was great friends with one of my roommates so she spent a grand amount of time at out “pad”.  Oh, do we ever have some fond memories of our college years in that house!  I was honored when Kelly contacted me for her wedding photography..  f’real, we’ll be breakin’ it down at the wedding!

I like to tease Kelly about her “Bridezilla” ways.  She likes to text me with some funny questions… “what if it rains”, “should I have 2 or 3 outfits?”.. “how should I fold my scarf” (not really but I’ll continue to tease her!).  What can I say, she’s a planner!  I’m sure the wedding will be beautiful with the most detailed details.  Can’t wait to capture it!

The first time meeting Bryant was at this engagement shoot.  I can honestly say I can’t picture Kelly with anyone else.  They laugh at each others’ random jokes, they play and banter with each other and the best part… it all just fits.  Here are a few of my faves.

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