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Liz.  Baby bump.

Gorgeous couple.  They aren’t just pretty on the outside, either.  Gorgeous couple with the biggest hearts and the best personalities.  I adore you both, SO.  I’m sure Luke will be just the same!


Here are a few fun facts about these soon to be parents….

Tell us something fun or unique about your relationship.
We love to travel and have been to Europe.

How did you find out you were expecting?
We found out we were expecting on a Wednesday night right before going to a trivia night by taking a pregnancy test. My husband says I was very emotional so he made me take a test!

What’s your favorite thing about being pregnant? Least favorite?
Favorite thing about being pregnant is watching my baby/belly grow and feeling the baby move! Least favorite is not being able to get comfortable at night now that I’m so far along (I will be 35 weeks on Friday).

Did you find out your baby’s gender?
We are having a BOY!

Is there a nursery or shower theme you’d like to share?
Our nursery is Star Wars themed.

A baby is coming! What are you looking forward to the most?
We are looking forward to meeting our baby boy and what he looks like.

How did you find Crystal Jo?
Crystal Jo is our neighbor and one of our very good friends.


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