Let’s welcome Drew!

Little Drew Brooks Kemelgor.

Oh-so precious! I just love new life.

Newborn babies are so small and innocent. It’s wonderful…really, they FILL you FULL of WONDER!
Little tiny fingers and itty bitty toes. They barely have eyelashes. And no eyebrows. Tightly closed eyes and a little furrowed forehead. New. Just days old.
It makes me wonder what it feels like to be just days old. Lovely, I’m sure. You get to sleep and be held and loved and kissed and rocked and squeezed so tightly from all your new family. Amazing, really.

Meet Drew. Welcome to this wonderful world little baby.

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Crystal Jo

Crystal Jo is an Ohio-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, dreamer, believer and lover of life.

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  1. Carol Alford on September 4, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    The pictures of my great-grandchildren Drew, Leah and Caroline Kemelgor are so precious. Crystal, you are the best photographer in the world. I have so many that you took of my granddaughter, Leslie, and her adorable family. There aren’t enough words to express my praise for your gift of bringing their pictures to life.
    God bless you,
    Carol Alford

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