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Audrey Kay. Newborn.columbus_photography-2


Audrey has both Nebraska fans and Ohio State fans very close to her.  So she’s a mixed breed.  🙂


Look how adorable her nursery is.  Perfect for a little girl!columbus_photography-5columbus_photography-6


Big Brother, Luther, is very proud!columbus_photography-7columbus_photography-8

“Made with love for Baby Nierman, By Grandma Bentley.”

Some fun facts about baby Audrey…

Tell us about that first moment when you saw your baby.

Mariah felt a sense of joy that is really hard to describe. It was amazing to finally get to see her face. She was so amazing because during her kangaroo care (skin-to-skin) she was already crawling up me and we got to snuggle so closely.
Matt felt a sense of relief that she seemed so strong and healthy.

What was your baby’s birth weight and length?
She was 6 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long.

Is there a story behind your baby’s name?
Audrey was one of the few names that both my husband and I both liked. We would sit in the evening and just roll off names never finding anything we both could agree to. Then he went through his list of names he liked including Audrey and I perked up and said that’s it!
Kay is the middle name of my late mother who passed in 2012. She would have loved having a grandbaby and so it was fitting to include her name.
Give us the scoop. What has surprised you the most about parenthood?  Are there any funny stories or firsts that you’d like to share?
It is amazing how much she changes every single day. This is fascinating to watch but also dumbfounding because just when you think you’ve got it figured out it changes or something new is added into the mix. We’ve also never had so much conversation about poop! Haha.

What did you like best about your experience with Crystal Jo?
Crystal Jo was so good with Audrey at the newborn photo shoot. Being only 5 days out since birth and just trying to cope with the new chaos of our lives I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and enjoyable Crystal Jo made the experience of the photo shoot.

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