The magnificent Morgan!

My little sis is turning 16.  And, what does she ask for??  More like BEGGED for…. pictures.

She’s beautiful so it was easy.  We roamed the streets of Pickerington.  We found some unique spots.  I love shooting in different spots.  It’s like throwing fuel into my creative fire.  Roberta joined us for fun.  Funny story.  Before we started the shoot, I met Roberta at the Pickerington Target so she could follow me to pick up Morgan from school.  When Morgan got into my car I said, “Roberta is coming to the photoshoot.  I met her at Target and she’s following us.” .  Oh yes, Morgan my dearest, she thought I actually met this random person at Target and started talking about photography and said, “join us, stranger”.  We had a good laugh about this.  Love you Morgan, your silly thoughts and all!


Here’e the stranger I picked up  at Target 🙂

Lovin’ me some of my seester!

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  1. morgan on June 16, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Ohh my gosh!! you had to tell the story!! hahahahahah : ) I love these pics! who do you get them devoleped by? I will pay you for some to get developed!! : ) I love them! Thank you sis! xoxo -morgan allison

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