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Caitlyn and Tony. Engaged.

columbus_photography-10Cait, you are freaking STUNNING.  WOW!  (The Blowdry Cafe hooked you up, girlie! Any other fabulous folks out there that want some of this awesome sauce (hair and makeup) this is the place to go.  Shameless plug, because my friend owns it.  Mention Crystal Jo Foto and save $5 on your blowout.)




columbus_photography-2columbus_photography-9columbus_photography-3They have a little twang in their lives.  It was only fitting to have this session in a barn.  Close your eyes, Mr. Horsey.  columbus_photography-11columbus_photography-4Session fave… love the LOVE!columbus_photography-5And any lady that puts on a camo shirt just for her man, she’s a real keeper!  Those that hunt together, stay together!  🙂columbus_photography-8So easy and so in love, can’t wait for the wedding, friends, XO!columbus_photography-6Some fun facts about this adorable couple..

When and where is your wedding?
It’s at the beautifully rustic Jorgensen’s Farm in the hills of Westerville. 
How did you meet?
His chubby cheeks and blonde hair crossed my path in first grade on the playground. 
Tell us about your proposal!
We had just gone to a memorial service for a coworker and went to see the Bruce Munro lights exhibition at the Franklin Park Conservatory with family/friends. Both of our phone were dead so when we were walking around his cousin was taking all kinds of picture for us, or so I though. Come to find out she was actually taking so many pictures trying to find the best lighting for the proposal. We got to an area inside with beautiful vibrant flowers. Tony’s cousing told us to step in front of the flower so she could get a picture of us and so i walked up and put my arm around his and looked at her for the pictures and Tony kept staring at me so I turned and looked at him and asked him what he was doing and he pulls out a box and drops to one knee. I though it was a joke at first to be honest. And then i went into loud mode and started doing like a crazy laugh. It was so wonderful though because we were able to get pictures of all of it which is exactly what I wanted. 
What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?
I love that he is so family oriented. I grew up having a super close family and I love that he and I are eye to eye with how important family is to us. He is ALWAYS willing to pick up and help my dad at any point when he needs to. 
What makes you guys unique?
He is one of the VERY FEW men in this world that still have the gentlemen traits of opening the doors no matter what, always is the one paying for things, etc. That is a few hard thing to find in men these days!!
How did you find Crystal Jo?
Crystal Jo rolled up in her Black steed(the jeep) to take pictures of the first look at Tony’s cousin’s wedding(Dom and Meg Cervi). She was like a knight in shinning armor making her way across the bridge with all of her gear. Aftering spending the whole night watching her do her thing Tony and I both just knew that she had to be our photographer no matter what!!!   (YOU GUYS CRACK ME UP!!)

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