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Courtney and Chris. Maternity.

She’s the GLAZE on his donut. He’s the TWINKLE in her eye…

She’s the SPRING in his step. He’s the BLUE in her sky! Courtney and Chris, you are going to make AWESOME parents! I can’t wait to meet your baby girl!

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Tell us something fun or unique about your relationship.
We have had such a busy yet very exciting year! We have both stayed so calm, happy & thankful for everything that has been going on. We are so lucky to have married each other last summer and found out we were expecting a few months later. Now, we are in the middle of moving into a bigger home to start our family and Courtney is a month away from graduating from grad school. Whew, it’s been a busy year, but we both couldn’t be happier!

Tell us how you found out you were expecting.
Chris told me twice before I actually took a test that he thought I was pregnant. I was not convinced. One day at work I didn’t feel like myself and took a test when I got home – it was positive. Funny thing was, his sister was staying with us for the week so I had to secretly tell him without her knowing at that time.

What’s your favorite thing about being pregnant? Least favorite?
Favorite – when Chris and I both can feel her move
Least Favorite – just about everything else haha

A baby is coming! What are you looking forward to the most?
Being able to meet this little girl that has been such a mystery for 9 months! We can’t wait to be a family and share all these upcoming special moments together (even those sleepless nights hehe).

How did you find Crystal Jo?
She photographed our wedding in June of last year!

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