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Charlotte. 1 Year Big.


She doesn’t like to stand.  Which is actually quite convenient when trying to photograph a one year old!  She does like to crawl, but it’s more of a one-legged-knee-scoot.  columbus_baby_photo-2columbus_baby_photo-5Cute family ALERT!

columbus_baby_photo-6Be happy.  How could you not be with this smile!?!columbus_baby_photo-4

I adore you, little Charlotte.  XO!columbus_baby_photo

Some fun facts about this living doll…

What is your favorite memory during her first year of life?
When Charlotte was 2-6 months I’d put her on the kitchen island while I made dinner.  We’d play music and I’d have a glass of wine.  It was such a fun time together and I looked forward to it every night.

Do you have a funny story or something that happened in her first year that you’d like to share?
We laugh about Charlotte’s crawl often- it’s a one-legged scoot.  She speeds around on one knee and one foot.

What age/month has been your favorite and why?
I’m enjoying the age she is now.  It’s fun to watch her play and learn new things.

One word to describe your baby is…


Animal: her pet cats and dog
Food: avocados and yogurt
Toy: bitty baby and books


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