Second Grade lovers.

Lara and Jeremy. Engaged.

We should all champagne toast to these two. Oh, how far they’ve come. They were buddies in the 2nd grade! Can you believe that?! What a journey. Growing up together and now growing together and committing their lives to one another…next summer. I think that says a lot about who these two people are.

Hello tree stump in the middle of nowhere.  Let’s sit on you.
And love on each other.
Isn’t she lovely?!
And, I just LOVE this.
Notice they are both wearing purple?  Wonder if they both wore purple in the 2nd grade?
I bet Jeremy rocked the purple and Lara’s little eight year old eyes said, “I’m gonna marry that boy someday.”
Love fall for this very reason right here.
Having fun!

And this is probably my favorite from the day!
Lara, you are so GORGE!

And let’s go out with a bang, shall we?

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Crystal Jo

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  1. Joseph A. Filia on November 3, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Who is this photographer. The pictures are beyond AWESOME…They are all great and caught exactly your individual personalities as well as your couple personality. I loved them. You both look fantastic and so much in love!!!!!
    Man this was just beautiful and AWESOME.

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