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Erika and Craig. Married.

Jump for joy.  It’s your wedding day!
If you woke up on May 25th and you looked up at the sky, the clouds would be a bright orange and pink.Snazzy guys with style!  (Notice the Best Man in pink.  He pulled it off well!)

CUTEST.  LITTLES.  EVER.This is Liberty Presbyterian in Powell.  It’s seriously BREATHTAKING.  A photographer’s dream come true.  A barn sanctuary with endless opportunity for amazing photos.  And even more perfect for Erika, as this was the church she was raised in.  

I can’t wait to marry you…  (Erika found these custom designed cards on Etsy.)

About to see her Daddy for the first time.  🙂And Erika and her parents as they walk her to the aisle where she is about to walk to the man of her dreams.  And the rest of their lives will be together. And as Erika walked these final steps, she did not question the footing. Her parents gazed at her in awe.  Erika knew every path she’d taken thus far had led her to this beautiful one she was about to go down.  They all led to this moment right here.Right before the ceremony, Erika and Craig had a little moment together.  Without seeing each other.  Just one little touch of the hand.  It was HAPPY.  And filled with anticipation and nerves and overall JOY.  

Overall JOY for this RIGHT HERE…

And the bottom of Craig’s shoes couldn’t say it any better.  She’s mine.
Wedding fave. It only took us eighteen tries because groommen numero dos can’t jump.  🙂Tug of war!  (Speaking of war, Craig is in the the military and fights for our country.  Craig, thank you for serving and being our hero.  Xo!)Let’s get this party started!The Crystal Jo Foto fun foto booth was a HUGE hit!Erika and Craig, please love like this always.  Please cherish each other and remember this moment right here.  Wrapped in each other’s arms so tightly while the rest of the world admires your love.  It’s real.  It’s true.  And it’s just for the two of you.  Xoxo!  Crystal Jo
Last photo of the night.  It makes me smile.  SOOOOO Erika!

Thanks for all of your help, Light Girl.  You are the dumpling to my chicken noodles!  XO!

Behind the scenes with Crystal Jo Foto.  Where ALL the fun happens.  Fo’ rizzle.
Do what it takes…I spy Ana Banana.
Where’s Waldo?
Erika’s thoughtful family gifted us these HUGE beautiful blooms.  They covered my entire back seat (and baby seat).   Thank you for being so kind, geniune and full of love.  Your hearts are so incredibly big and your loved ones made us feel like we were guests taking home these amazing centerpieces.

We talked about the flowers for days.  Sending each other photos of how we displayed them in our home and even gifted them to our friends.  Thank you!


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their creative team…

Ceremony- Liberty Presbyterian Church
Reception- The Columbus Athenaeum- Olympian Ballroom
Photographer – Crystal Jo Foto
Caterer- The Columbus Athenaeum
Flowers- Flowers on High
DJ- Mark Dantzer
Ceremony music- Steve Banks (piano). Rhonda Frascotti (violinist)
Hair- Jamie Kostenbader (bridesmaids hair) Aubrey Sturgell- maid of honor (bride hair)
Make up- MAC
Invitations- Magnet Street
Jewelry- Kay Jewelers
Rehearsal dinner- Buca di Beppo
Wedding gown- Alfred Angelo


their songs….

Processional- Canon in D and Trumpet Voluntary
Recessional- Wedding March
Grand entrance- Time of our Lives by Black Eyed Peas
First dance- Wanted by Hunter Hayes
Cake Cutting- How Sweet it is to Be Loved By You
Father/daughter- My little girl by Tim McGraw
Mother/son- I Owe It all to you
Daughter/mother- Mama Song by Carrie Underwood


their memories…

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Erika: Walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Craig at the end of the aisle waiting for me with his giant grin on his face. When my dad gave me away he whispered in my ear, “you’ll make a great mom someday”. My heart melted.
Craig: Seeing Erika for the first time walk down the aisle. She had a big smile and tears of joy. I couldn’t eat all day because I was so excited to see her and marry her.

What was your favorite detail?
Erika: Having all of our close friends in the wedding party was really important to me. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to share our special day with us! And they are a bunch of goofballs so they made it fun too!!
Craig: I don’t really have a favorite detail. Everything went great because Erika and her mom planned it all out over a span of a year and a half. It was a real compliment to hear from our guests “This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!”

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
Erika: Enjoy the moment. The day goes by soooo fast so sit back and relax (at least try) so that you can enjoy the day!
Craig: Take a breath and enjoy the day. After all your planning, things will go wrong. Just remember, it’s your day! Spend the time to appreciate what you have and enjoy every minute of it. The day goes by so fast.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Erika: Not a thing! It was my perfect wedding!
Craig: I’d make sure the limo driver had directions to the church and reception haha. I really wouldn’t change anything. We had a fantastic time and have so many great memories from our special day.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Erika: We will be going to Dominican Republic in July. Craig had military training immediately after the wedding so we had to push back the original honeymoon date.
Craig: We will be going to the Dominican Republic at the end of July. We had to push it back due to my army training but we can’t wait to get away for a week.

How was your experience with Crystal Jo Foto?  If you have a favorite memory with her, please share it.
Erika: Crystal Jo is fantastic! She knows exactly what to do and how to act in every situation! I remember being at the hotel getting ready and everything was hectic. I’m pretty sure I apologized to her for having things so unorganized and she said, “It happens more often than you think”. She knew just how to calm me down :). She knows how hectic weddings can be so I am thankful to her for remember what shots I wanted. She had to remind me about what I wanted 🙂 and that’s why I would recommend Crystal Jo to any bride!!!!
Craig: One worry that we didn’t have was photography. We knew Crystal Jo and her assistant would kick butt and they did. They made the day fun and everyone told us how awesome they did. The photo booth was a huge hit. Crystal Jo did some quick editing so that a slide show of some of our pictures could be displayed at our reception. I’d recommend Crystal Jo for any photography needs. I know Erika plans on hiring her when we have our first little one…..down the road!

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