Taco Bar + TOMS = Together. Forever. Columbus Wedding Photography

Chelsie and Mike.  Married.

AND THE BRIDE WORE TOMS!  Along with the rest of her bridesmaids and even the little flower girl.This was some serious dress-puttin-on business.STUNNING!  Chelsie, really!Tough man.  They played with these Nerf guns all day.  I love fun, casual weddings!Chelsie and Mike had a first look where they saw each other before the ceremony.  It was oh-so special.  He stood at the altar and she walked down the aisle to him.  Doesn’t he look so nervous?!  I love how he is spinning his wedding band.  And then the nerves went away.  Just like that.  Because they both knew, this day, their wedding day, was only about their love.

And an abundance of it, at that.The Westin ballroom is TO DIE FOR.  SO elegant and classy.  
The beautiful couple said “I do” right after Christmas.  There was lush snow on the ground and beautiful trees with twinkle lights everywhere.  Wedding day fave.  LOVE IT!  Love her warm cover up and Toms.  So cute.

Snazzy red watches to compliment the guys and their snazzy tuxes.This is the day they promised to love, honor and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.  And it was one to remember.I can’t get over how special these photos are and will forever be to these families.  Their parents have both been married for a long, long time.  And they are all SO in love here.  It makes my heart happy.  Both Mom’s take credit for setting Chelsie and Mike up.  They’ve known each other since they were little.  And now they will spend happily ever after, together.  I’d take credit for that too, if I could!Father/Daughter dance was so very touching.  They both cried throughout.

And so did everyone watching.  You know you have the most awesomest clients in the ENTIRE WORLD when they have a TACO BAR AT THEIR WEDDING.  Shut the front door.  That’s awesome!
Every detail, to a T.
The candy bar included candy mustaches.  They were a HUGE hit!

Fun behind the scenes with Crystal Jo Foto.  It really is the BEST “job” on the planet!  


To view a slideshow of some of my favorites from the day, click HERE.  If you’d like to pre-register your email address to view ALL of the wedding photos (that will be released soon), click HERE.

Chelsie and Mike, you are fabulous.  REALLY!  Thank you for inviting us to document your wedding.  Capturing your fun spirit and beautiful love for each other is truly why I love doing this.  For REAL people and real love.  You share an incredible connection and I wish you ALL of the happiness in the world.  Xoxo, Crystal Jo.

Their creative team…

Reception site: The Westin
Cake: Cakes Creatively by Crystal (it was the best cake I have ever had)
Flowers: Kelly Diebert
Hair: Robyn Wears at Kenneth’s
Invitations: Peabody Papers (absolutely the most wonderful experience, ask for Meg)
Rehearsal dinner: Martinis
Dress: Girls in White Dresses

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Bride: My most memorable experience of the day was taking pictures in the snow. I had been hoping for snow on my wedding day for more then a year and we finally got it. Throwing snowballs was a blast.
Groom: My most memorable experience of the day was our first look. Getting to see each other for the first time that day was exciting.

What was your favorite detail?
Bride: My favorite detail of the day was my dress. I think I would sleep in it if there was room in my bed.
Groom: My favorite detail was the watches I got my groomsmen. They were very noticeably red. My groomsmen stood during the ceremony with their hands crossed in front of them. Every time Chelsie or I said the word “I”, they in complete sync changed the direction of their hands.  (Mike, this is hilarious and I did not even notice!)

Any advice for future brides/grooms?
Our advice, always remember what the day is about. It is about the marriage and not the wedding. The wedding is a nice touch but the marriage is forever.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
We both loved the day so much and there is nothing we would change about it.

How was your experience with Crystal Jo?
Most importantly…. our experience with Crystal Jo was unforgettable. During our wedding it was like hanging out with our friend instead of a photographer. Crystal was so kind and patient, which I think is a super important quality when shooting a wedding. I mean this was serious, she stopped traffic on high street for a picture, for the love of god!  I assure you I will never forget this.  (Thank you, Chelsie.  And the photo was SO worth stopping traffic.  :))

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