Teddy Bears and Sparkle. Columbus Family Photography

The Hogan Family. Be Beetlejuice!!! Adorable! Session fave!

I love this one, too!

Tell us a little about your family dynamic.  How you met your husband, how long you’ve been married, names and ages
of the children.  We met at a bar in the arena district and have been married now for 15 years.  Funny story..so the night we met my husband had been studying to take the bar exam and had no intentions of going out that evening.  His friends persuaded him to meet them out but then his car broke down.  So he had no ride (no uber’s back then lol).  He ended up taking the bus to Frog/Bear/Wild Boar and that’s where we met and the rest is history.  We have a 6 year old son named Cameron.
What do you look forward to most this holiday season? Spending time with family and friends.  My son is 6 and this is such a fun age experiencing Christmas through his eyes.  Every morning he counts down the days on our calendar till Christmas
What is your favorite memory of past holiday seasons?  Going to NYC with my husband, sister and brother-in-law and enjoying the city during the holidays and being able to celebrate NYE in Times Square (pre-Cameron).  More recent favorite memory would be surprising my Mom last Christmas with a trip to London, which was absolutely amazing.  I want to go back.
Does your family have any special traditions during this time of year? My mom always makes pickled beef and spaetzles (recipe from my grandmother) on Christmas and the smell brings back the best memories of going to Cleveland to visit my grandparents during Christmas.  We are looking forward to seeing Christmas Carol at Ohio Theatre this year and always a favorite is seeing the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo.
If you had a $100 bill in your back pocket to spend during the holidays, you’d buy… – I would gift it to someone who needed it more than I do.
What is your favorite holiday song? Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt
What was your favorite moment of your session with Crystal Jo?  Favorite moment would be when she first saw my son and said….Were you Beetlejuice this year for Halloween and he got all embarrassed and shy.  Then throughout the session she would say Beetlejuice show me your best pose lol.  Crystal puts everyone at ease and is so kind and patient.  We had an amazing experience and no tears from the 6 year old so that is a HUGE WIN in my book!

Crystal Jo

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