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Hannah and Bryan.  Married.

Everyone just brace yourselves for one of the most beautiful brides you ever did see.  I mean really…

Hannah’s dad passed away last year. A week before the wedding her Aunt sent her a letter with a picture of him and a “lucky penny” he had given her on her wedding day in 1969. Hannah glued the penny in her shoe as a way to have him with her during this special day.

It rained.  Oh boy, did it rain.  But it didn’t rain on her parade!   We found a tree to hide under, laid down a sheet to protect her dress and I covered my cameras in plastic bags.  Bingo.. look how stunning!

Right before Hannah walked down the aisle, her family and bridesmaids gave her a beautiful blessing.

And her beautiful mother had the honor of walking her to the man of her dreams.Here’s Bryan.  So proud and full of emotion.
I just love the connection here.  Their wedding day really was so elegant, emotional and memorable.  You could sense their nerves, but when they locked eyes, all the people, all the wedding day chaos, all the rain, it was all forgotten.

Right after the ceremony, the rain stopped and the beautiful sun covered the sky.  Hannah said she was happy it rained because she wouldn’t have cute umbrella photos without it.  Oh, and rainy wedding days are good luck!  I think it was that lucky penny Hannah had glued to her shoe.  Yes, the lucky penny making the day ever-so-perfect for his beautiful daughter.  There are MANY reasons why I think it is important to have two photographers on your wedding day.  And this right here shows one of of them.  Roberta’s angle on the left.  Mine on the right.  Completely different and both SO beautiful. 

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!We stumbled upon this really cool stage in the middle of the park.  HOW FUN?!I’d say Bryan is COMPLETELY happy!

The heart locket had photos of her Daddy.  And she wore a special wedding band on her right hand. The stunna’s.CHEERS!  HANNAH AND BRYAN ARE MARRIED!

The most dapper fella at the wedding, right here.  He was so sweet opening the door for guests arriving at the reception.Rather than a traditional guestbook, friends and family signed these rocks.  Cute idea!(Great ring shot, Berta!) The reception was at a downtown ballroom called, “The Vault”.  It is an old bank featuring the actual safe and vault which you can walk into and order your cocktail from the bar.

(A shout out to this pretty bridesmaid, Ellen.  I did not photograph her wedding but she was a bridesmaid in another wedding and told Hannah she HAD to book with Crystal Jo Foto.  Thank you, Ellen.  You are so very sweet and I can’t wait to watch your little family grow.  XO!)

This photo was taken of Hannah and Bryan sharing their first dance.  I’m inside of the vault.  

Bryan’s personality is definitely one for the books.  Just look at him here as Hannah cuts the cake.  And soon after they share a little pinky promise and a kiss.  SO THEM.

Fun Foto Booth!

And it wouldn’t be a wedding post without some behind the scenes photos with Crystal Jo.  YOU KNOW…where ALL the fun happens!

This wasn’t my usual wedding with my sidekick, Ana.  (Who had to run off and get married.  GEEZ!:))  It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Roberta behind the scenes.  (Who had to run off and have a baby.  GEEZ!)  Always with a such a BIG glowing smile and I’ve missed you SO!  Love you, Berta! 

And meet Jaime.  She tagged along to learn the wedding ropes.  We put her to work.  🙂

I just love this photo.  This is probably (for SURE!) my last pregnancy.  I love how I’m holding the baby while having some kind of SO SERIOUS talk with the groom.  

Where’s Waldo?  Er, Roberta?!


Hannah and Bryan, photographing your wedding was nothing shy of fun and ease.  You both celebrated a perfect day for two people who deserve nothing less in life.  I wish you a lifetime filled with good times, great memories and lots of stunning babies who look just like you.  MMMmmmkkay?  Mmkay.

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their creative team..

Ceremony Site: St. Brendan’s Church
Reception: The Vault
Photography: Crystal Jo Foto
Caterer: Boardwalk Catering
Cake: Cakes Creatively by Crystal
Flowers: Madison House Designs
DJ: Josh at Sound Dynamix
Hair and Make up: Hair: Leigh from Phia Salon Makeup: Robbie Banks
Invitations: Amanda Leimbach (friend of the bride)
Jewelry: Richter and Phillips, Cincinnati, OH
Rehearsal dinner: Montgomery Inn Dublin
Wedding gown designer: Essence of Australia


their songs….

processional: Trumpet Voluntary
recessional: Wedding March
Grand entrance: “I Like It” Enrique Iglesias
First dance: “Patience” Guns N Roses
Cake cutting: “I’m a Believer” Smash Mouth
mother/son: “Somewhere Out There” Linda Rondstadt & James Ingram
last dance: “Two Tickets to Paradise” Eddie Money


their memories…

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Hannah: The couple of seconds Bryan and I had alone before making our entrance into the reception. I felt like my heart would burst from being so happy and so excited for the party we were walking into!
Bryan: Seeing Hannah for the first time that day as she walked down the aisle!

What was your favorite detail?
Hannah: My dad passed away in March of 2012, and the week before the wedding my aunt sent me a letter in which she enclosed a picture of him and a “lucky penny” he had given her on her wedding day in 1969. I glued the penny in my shoe for the wedding day as a way to have him with me during the day.
Bryan: We took pictures after the ceremony in German Village which is where I lived when Hannah and I first started dating. It represented everything coming full circle and bringing our relationship to both an old place and a new place.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
Hannah: Let people help you when they offer!
Bryan: Have fun with it, even if it is stressful.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Hannah: We flew out for our honeymoon at 6:45am the next day after about 2 hours of sleep. I would change it to leaving a little later because we had to leave a lot of stuff for our families to take care of. We were exhausted and ended up falling asleep at 6:30pm on the first night of our honeymoon.
Bryan: Ditto.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? San Juan, Puerto Rico

How was your experience with Crystal Jo Foto? If you have a favorite memory with her, please share it.
It was great! Crystal Jo was so easy to work with, and I can’t wait to see the pictures. She showed me just a couple during the day and they were beautiful! We are still laughing at her repeatedly yelling, “Hey, Tall Guy!” at Bryan’s brother, Cole, during the photo session.

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