The things you’ll do. Columbus Baby Photography

Brynleigh. 3 Months Big.

Seems like time is FLYING. Really!

Look how big this beauty is getting…

Mommy gently sits her little caboose on the scale…
And then smashes her little buns so we can get a “real weight photo”.  How funny are these love buns?!Happy baby!
With all of her little friends.

Brynleigh. Beautiful. Big. Blue. Eyes.  
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more smiley three month old!

This piggy went to the market…
Just relaxing in the shade.  Hoooo hum.  (My session fave.)
Mommy saw this on pinterest and wanted to replicate for her little frog.This is how we got the shot.  Who has the hardest job here?  The photographer (who is LAUGHING), Grandma (helping us shade the baby and getting an arm workout), Daddy (who just had shoulder surgery, toughing it out for his daughter!) or baby (who is laying on the concrete).  I vote Daddy!

The things you’ll do to get a good photo!  The things you’ll do for LOVE.

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