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Megan and Robbie. Engaged.


And look at this adorable family of three!


Robbie + Megan + Megan.  That’s how you know he loves the name Megan.  His two loves are both Megan.

Wow, isn’t she just a doll!?!



And then we have these two lovebirds…columbus_photography-18
columbus_photography-6Ohhhhhhhh, how I LOVEEEEEEE THIS PHOTO!

And this one!  columbus_photography-11

And this one two.  Geeeeeeezzzzz, this session rocks my socks off!columbus_photography-8

Robbie is a farmer, if you were wondering.  columbus_photography-9

He does drives these big machines day in and out.  And it’s harvest now so he’s quite busy.  Megan had to beg for a night off for these photos.  Robbie works side-by-side with his father who also took the evening off for this engagement session.  Now that’s commitment!



Megan and Robbie, I adore you guys and I’m uber excited for your small town church wedding and farm reception.  XO, friends!columbus_photography-19

Some fun facts about this amazing couple..

When and where is your wedding?
Our wedding is June 11, 2016 at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Ashville, Ohio. Our reception is at Robbie’s parents Rob and Penny’s farm.

How did you meet?
Megan- Our meeting is interesting. I guess I have always known Robbie. Growing up we were both in 4-H and lived just a few miles from each other. He is 4 years younger than me so he always seemed like a little kid to me. About 5 years ago he asked me out, I said no. He asked again, I said no. He asked me to go out with him in July of 2013. I finally thought, why not. We went to Boston’s and a Columbus Clippers game. On the way home he told me that was the last time he was going to ask me out. I am glad I finally said yes!
Robbie- Met through Facebook.
Tell us about your proposal!
Megan- The proposal… Robbie and I went to Hyde Park (one of our favorite restaurants) for our 2nd “dating” anniversary. All of a sudden after we were served our drinks he got up, got on one knee next to me and asked if I would marry him. I was in shock and didn’t say yes right away. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was so surprised I couldn’t believe he actually proposed! He sat back down and said “did you say yes” I was still in shock and staring at the ring. I eventually said yes. Robbie said he was very nervous, I didn’t pick up on this. Robbie had called my mom and dad for their “permission” before taking me to dinner.  Robbie also told many of our friends and family he was going to propose. They all met us at Station House 81 in Commercial Point to celebrate! It was such an unexpected magical evening!
Robbie- Proposal romantic dinner got up from my one knee and had to ask if she said yes. She asked if I was sick since I was getting up from the table.

What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?
Megan- My favorite thing about Robbie is he is always doing something to make me laugh. We are opposites- I can stay up late and sleep in. He likes to go to bed earlier and wake up early. He usually has me cracking up in the morning-this is big because I can be pretty grumpy in the morning. I also love that he can cook and likes to cook. We have a deal. If he cooks I clean up. I think this is the perfect arrangement!
Robbie- Favorite thing about Megan- her caring personality.

What makes you guys unique?
Robbie- Unique- I call her my cougar since she is so much older than me

How did you find Crystal Jo?
We found the fabulous Crystal Jo through Paige the bartender at Foxfire Golf Course! After golfing Robbie was talking to a friend about needing a wedding photographer. Paige suggested Crystal.


Crystal Jo

Crystal Jo is an Ohio-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, dreamer, believer and lover of life.


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