Two golfers. Columbus Engagement Photography

Erica and Cory.  Engaged.

Check out this stunning, unique ring!  Great job, Cory!

A fun little gesture they do together…

Golf lovers.  Cory is hilarious.  Look at him sticking out his tongue here.  This is SO them!

When and Where is your wedding:
October 9, 2021 at The Trout Club

How did you meet:
It’s a bit of a long story… it started on Tinder in 2015, yes Tinder. Our first date was a ‘blind date’ at Graeters Ice Cream followed by a couple drinks. The second date wasn’t for another month due to schedules. Following an embarrassing evening, we stopped speaking. In February 2016,
Erica started working at New Albany Country Club. After a couple months of working at the club, she was pulling into the parking lot to see who else, Cory, walking toward the club in a caterers uniform. Following an awkward re-introduction, Cory and Erica maintained a professional flirty work relationship because Erica was unavailable. The first day of being available, Cory texted her and asked her out on their second first date. We have been together since.

About the proposal:
We were on vacation in New Orleans, visiting Carly and Gino Gisondo (Erica’s sister and brother-in-law) for Erica’s 30th birthday. On August 3, 2020, we all went to City Park, known for holding the world’s largest collection of mature live oak trees. Cory egged on Erica to try to climb one of the live oak trees. When Erica turned to climb down, Cory was down on one knee holding a beautiful custom tanzanite and diamond ring. Cory was so nervous he was rambling, needing a reminder to even ask that one question. We both laughed and cried, obviously, Erica said yes and here we are.

Favorite thing about your significant other:
Cory’s favorite about Erica – she is strong willed, independent, silly and a great cook.
Erica’s favorite about Cory – he loves me for who I am, finds me beautiful when I don’t think I am, makes me stronger, and lets me control the TV.

What makes you unique:
Aside from our unique reunion we have a very unique small world coincidence. Cory’s Aunt Kathy was one of Patrick’s (Erica’s dad) gymnast and the flower girl for Nina and Patrick’s (Erica’s parents) wedding.

How did you find Crystal Jo:
Crystal is a longtime gymnastic friend and judge with Nina (Erica’s mom). I have also had the pleasure of getting to know Crystal when she photographed my sister, Carly’s, wedding.

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