Viva Las Vegas WPPI 2010

Wow.  What an amazing experience, let me tell you!  I went to Las Vegas for a photography convention.  Along with over 12,000+ other photographers.  There were thousands of people ready to suck in as much knowledge, networking and fun as possible.  I was so inspired!  I spent the first two days in a lighting workshop with Tony Corbell.  The next week, my husband and I split out time attending multiple platform classes learning about web presence, networking, posing, lighting, pricing, boudoir, branding and soo much more.  We heard some awesome speakers including Jasmine Star, Justin and Mary Marantz and Doug Gorden.  We visited some FAB booths at the trade show including Smug Mug, Pro Photo, Animoto and Canon.

In short, it was the best investment I have made for my business.  2010 is going to be a killer year for me and my dreams.  WPPI rocked my socks!

Um, this model is so GORGE!

Is it good luck if a lady buck lands on your camera?  If so, I’ll say it was my camera. 

Gettin’ our learn-on from Tony Corbell.

My lovely h-band and I.  Enjoying a fabulous chinese dinner. 

Doug Gorden was so great at getting audience participation!  Hello, free stuff, heck yeah I’ll dance for free stuff!  Too bad that lucky lady bug wasn’t mine!

WPPI friends at the Canon banquet.

Great friend and photographer, Beth {on the left}, who I met at her sister-in-laws wedding last summer.  And her great friend {who now I claim :)} Brandy, a Canon speaker.  Go Canon!  Right Beth?!  Ha!

Um, me and Jasmine Star.  I waited an 1 1/2 to see this fabulous super hero!  She’s AMAZING.  I was totally STAR STRUCK when we met.  It’s sad the lighting is so crazy in this shot because she is BEAUTIFUL!  You can see for yourself HERE.

My h-band is a bit overwhelmed as we stand in the center of the amphitheater.  It was a great gathering of about, hmm, let’s say, 12,000 plus photographers.  Love it!

Meeting new friends was our favorite part!  Here’s Ray from the Carolinas.

Um, star struck again!  Is that Jerry Ghionis?  Yes, and he is giving me a squeeze!  At one of his classes he said, “If I have not hugged you during WPPI, please find me.”.  Totally took him up on this!

Dancing in the casino.  Don’t worry, we left that big space there.  Behavin’ in Vegas!  

Tuna Tar Tar at one of many Wolfgang Pucks Vegas restaurants.  

Just thought this was SO cool.  The images displayed on the wall changed every 10 seconds or so. 

My h-band on the red carpet.  Rock it babe, rock it.  

The Pictage Party at Studio 54.

We took a limo to the other side of the strip.  Enjoyed a FABULOUS dinner at a sushi shack in ENCORE.

Hello pretty light.  Please come into our limo.

Okay, the above image of Jason and Ray is hilarious!  And the shot of Jason and I….it’s like on ISO 50 billion…it’s pretty pitch black in this club.  Good thing we have candle light, my fun light up bracelets and the brilliant Canon 5DMkII!


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