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The Young Fam.



Sperry’s to match Daddy.


Stop it!  So precious!columbus_photography-4

Some fun facts about this adorable family…

How long have you been married?
Tommy and I met in College at Otterbein and have been married for 4 years.  We had Cohen and he will be 2 in November!

What is your favorite memory during your child’s second year of life?
Cohen’s 2nd year of life has been awesome!  He has grown leaps and bounds as far as physically and verbally.

Mom’s favorite moment:  The first time he gave me a kiss without me prompting him.  He was taking a bath and was having a blast.  He stood up, grabbed my face with both hands, and gave me a big kiss on each cheek.  I’ll forever cherish that moment.

Dad’s favorite moments:  Cohen enjoys playing outside, but has so much fun when he gets to help Dad with yard work.  His favorite thing is to help blow the leaves and grass off the driveway and sidewalk.

What age/month has been your favorite and why? From age 1 to current has been amazing for both Tommy and I as parents.  He has developed such a personality and is a blessing to be around daily.  He has learned to walk, talk, and is starting to find interest in playing with toy cars and coloring (on both paper and carpet).

One word to describe your toddler is…energized!

Animal: his stuffed animal, Tigger
Food: pancakes
Toy: his lawnmower

Describe your perfect weekend..

We love spending time together, whether it be as simple as playing outside or visiting the park or Zoo.  We love visiting family and cousins as well.  If mom and dad can fit in a little date night, that would be an ideal weekend!

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